lauraHola, I’m Laura!

I’m embarking on a 100 day journey to become the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking, “Are my fittest and healthiest days behind me. Have I already reached my healthiest self. Is this really it.”

I’m coming up to my 26th birthday, and I don’t want another year to go by thinking and feeling this way. More than ever, I have this desire to achieve greater health.

Over the next 100 days, I will be documenting my journey and sharing with you my progress, struggles and learning moments. But most importantly, I promise to be real and honest with you. The next 100 days is going to be fun but also really tough, especially now that the days feel shorter, colder and with Christmas just around the corner… extremely busy.

But, one thing I’ve learned is that there is never a perfect time to do just about anything in life. So, on this beautiful Monday morning, November 9, 2015 my journey begins,.

I hope my journey inspires you to continue on or start your journey to better health.

Let’s do this :)


16 Dec 15

Day 28: Quebec Road Trip to Montreal and Mont Tremblant. Transformation Update

Bojan and I are back from our road trip! We arrived late Friday night after an 8 hour drive from Mont Tremblant - ugh!  We spent 2 nights in Montreal, Quebec, and 3 nights in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Before we left for our trip, we were a little bummed out because we really wanted to go somewhere hot and tropical (we didn't have our passports). However, we really had a good time exploring parts of Canada that we've never been to. We also lucked out on the weather. It's been a record breaking mild winter, so some days we were able to explore with no jackets!…

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29 Nov 15

Day 21: Reflection on Week 3 & Goals for the Upcoming Week

It's the end of Week 3 and I'm really happy with what I accomplished this week. Despite being pretty busy getting ready for our vacation next week, I managed to hit most of my goals. Here's a review of the goals I set for this week and here's how I did: Workout 5x this week (4 strength sessions – upper/lower body split, 1x 10 min sprint session 30 sec work:30 sec rest, 1x 30 min steady state cardio) plus 2 sessions of light progression work – L sits, pistols, hanging from pull up bar, wall plank and crow) I got 3 solid strength training sessions…

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22 Nov 15
Day 14: Reflection On Week 2 & Goals For The Upcoming Week

Day 14: Reflection on Week 2 & Goals for the Upcoming Week

I am 14 days into my 100 day journey to becoming the healthiest and strongest I've ever been. I feel like time is flying by really quickly... and I'm worried that I'm not going to hit my goal of being the strongest (physically) that I've ever been. As some of you may know, I was a competitive soccer player for most of my youth so I'm up against my 18 year old body that was 130 lbs, 13% BF with a six pack. Mind you that six pack only lasted a whole 2 weeks - ha!  I'm no where near that level of fitness right now, so maybe…

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